Abstract guidelines

Abstract submission starts on November 16, 2017.
Deadline is March 15, 2018.
  • The WTPC organizing committee will receive only up to 2 abstracts per registrant.
  • Abstracts may be related to the several subjects included in the toxicologic pathology.
  • The case reports should conform to the rules for preparing abstracts;
  • The abstract should not exceed 250 words of text, references, tables, and figures. Abstracts exceeding 250-words limit may be cut without consideration of content.Type the title single-spaced in 12-point Arial bold, upper and lower case and NOT in ALL CAPITAL letters.
  • The abstracts that are not 100% according to the norms will be rejected by the Scientific Committee;
  • The abstracts will be analyzed by confirming the author's registration until the final date of submission of scientific papers on the WTPC website (https://callforpapers.galoa.com.br/en/realm/wtpc-2018/);
  • Only submissions submitted within the deadline will be accepted.
  1. Adverse Events
  2. Basic and Translational Research
  3. Biosimilars
  4. Cancer and carcinogenesis
  5. Diagnostic pathology
  6. Drug Development and toxicity
  7. Environmental pathology
  8. Epigenetics
  9. Experimental pathology
  10. Fragrance materials
  11. Genomic Analyses
  12. Global Regulatory Perspectives
  13. Hazard Identification
  14. High Throughput Pathology
  15. Immunomodulation
  16. In vitro models
  17. International Accreditation For Toxicologic Pathologists
  18. Lesions
  19. Medical Devices
  20. Neoplasia and Hyperplasia
  21. Risk Assessment
  22. Risk Communication
  23. Safety Assessments
  24. Tumor Pathology
  25. Use of Animal Models
Poster Guidelines
All posters should be prepared with 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (length) maximum.
-    Posters should be printed to be displayed in the poster sessions during the conference
-    Posters will be hang with scotch tape or similar NOT provided by the organizers. It is also possible to hang them by a cord. 
-    Do not forget that the official language of conference is English.

The Charles Capen Trainee Award recognizes Dr. Charles Capen and his legacy as a researcher, teacher, and mentor to the pathology and toxicology communities spanning more than four decades. Dr. Capen was recognized worldwide as an exceptional leader in veterinary and biomedical research. He was a highly regarded mentor to graduate students and postdoctoral scientists. His students and trainees are now leaders throughout academia, government, and industry and have contributed significantly to his reputation as an outstanding teacher and research mentor.

The International Academy of Toxicologic Pathology will fund an award which can be used by the successful applicant to attend a conference of a Society of Toxicologic Pathology or related meeting.

All work with valid registrations will compete for the prize, provided that:

1) Relevance and scientific innovation

2) Its translational context

Besides that, the successful applicant:

3) Must be involved with the work presented, showing his experience and ability to defend the theme;

4)  Must be the first author or corresponding author.

The International Academy of Toxicologic Pathology funds this award in the amount of $300 USD which can be used by the successful applicant to attend a conference of a Society of Toxicologic Pathology or related meeting. Funds may be used for travel and/or meeting registration or any other related expenses.